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Thread: Overlooked Caddis Stage Pattern

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    From the website of Park's Fly Shop on the banks (near banks) of the Yellowstone River in Gardiner, Montana:

    "The most important things to remember about caddis emergences in general are: 1. they usually happen in the afternoon or evening, 2. caddis emerge more energetically than most mayflies, so rises are usually more violent, and 3. emergers and cripples are usually as good or better a bet than adult patterns."

    Not sure why, but I was hoping those who have their copy of "Caddisflies" would post this info. I found it in an article by Craig Mathews and John juracek discussing the points in LaFontaine's book"

    In his wonderful book “Caddisflies”, Gary LaFontaine notes three signs that indicate when caddis are emerging. First, trout are seen leaping in the air. He maintained this happens when trout chase emerging caddis pupae and the trout’s momentum carries it out of the water.Secondly, there are no caddis on the water. Even during a heavy emergence adults are nearly impossible to see on the surface. Caddis usually emerge and fly off unnoticed."

    Thanks to all
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