What line does everyone use and recommend? I am looking at getting TenkaraBum's High Viz Level Line for my Amago. I have used 15# stren fluorocast, 17# carbon gold fluorocarbon, and 20# suffix fluorocarbon. The 15# seemed extremely light and hard to cast. The carbon gold was a little easier but still difficult with any wind. The suffix was easiest to cast and did okay with wind but not directly into it. All 3 of these lines are hard to see so I wanted something a little more visible. I do have a couple lines made from the running line of a 4wt wf but it is harder to hold off the water and tiring to cast all day. I was thinking of getting the size 4 and size 5 Hi-Vis Orange Fluorocarbon from TB. Also, I plan on getting Tenkara Fishing's 10' 6:4 rod. Plan on getting there 10' cutthroat furled hi-viz line to go along with it. Will the TB hi-viz 4/5 LL be good with this rod? Should I get 13' furled line for the Amago? Is there any major advantage to using a furled line over the LL. Thanks for the help.