I recently came across a brand spanking new (but no longer made) Winston WT 903-3 that the dealer will sell to me for $350. He simply hasn't been able to sell it and says that everyone wants something shorter especially in a 3 weight. I've also been reading a lot of "stuff" lately and combined with the dealer's comments a thought occurred to me. (A rare thing in and of itself I know.)

Even I, the clueless one, know that a small movement at the base of a rod creates a much larger movement at the tip of the rod. So could what I (and this dealer) percieve to be a general trend toward shorter rod lengths and faster actions be because in years past it simply required a longer "lever" to achieve the same power (ie. line speed) than it does with today's "faster" actions?

I'd be interested in reading any of your thoughts on the matter. And if any one has any experience with the above mentioned rod, I'd like to know what you think of it.

The smarter I get the less I know.