I do not like "perfect" cork. Might as well use EVA for a grip. Today's Flor is fine for most grips I do anymore. It has some character and interest. I use a lot of burled cork as well as colored burls, exotic woods, even craft foam, acrylic, or metal disks for accents. Crap cork grips become forms for rattan wrapped grips which have a nice feel to them. I have yet to have a customer complain about a grip made up of many different materials. I find instead that when folks pull a butt section from a tube and see the grip for the first time, they don't just hold it, they caress the grip. One might even say they fondle it. The grip is the part of the rod that the user sees first, holds, and interacts with. It's what draws the eye. It's what transmits the strike to the hand.