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    I actually got a little free time Easter weekend to get out on the water by myself for a change. No kids in tow- although I love taking them, No guiding so to speak or not having to put people on fish. Just simply getting out and enjoying what God created.

    I spent several nights tying up Stealth Bombers in various colors on a size 4 hook thinking I might be able to keep the bream off. I can honestly say this was my first time to fish the bombers for my prized brown fish.

    Glad I tied them. Just about couldn't keep the fish off of it, including some good bream. A great Saturday afternoon dropping bombs on a little creek.

    First of the day...dang thing swallowed the Bomber so much for the size 4 hook keeping the bream off...

    Then I made a rookie mistake. It had been so long since I had been on the water by myself. I made two false casts let the fly settle and a bomb went off upstream. Rookie mistake #1...ALABAMA HOOK SET!
    Crack...I hear the rod tip snap on my brand new 4pc 5wt just above the ferrel of the tip section. NOT HAPPY
    Rookie mistake #2...Left the big rods at the house.
    So I load up the 4wt 4pc. And start over.

    Second Fish, technically the 3rd but seeing as how I lost the 2nd fish after the rod tip shoved the fly out of his mouth during the fight I can't show pics of the 4lb smallie that was on the line.

    So on it went like this for about 2 hours Just me and this little creek I love so much.

    Da Bomber...

    Another one of these...

    All colored up!

    Then another one

    And another...

    Then things went quiet...very few strikes very few takers. Then a horrid smell...What the heck is that? OH man....Did I just cut the line with my teeth again. MENTAL NOTE: Never put line in mouth again...I don't know what is upstream!

    I took a picture not sure why...but decided for those of you who have a weak stomach not to post up the graphic image of the BLOATED DEAD COW in the creek.

    Upstream about 1 mile.

    Caught a few more small fish and a few more bream on the size 4 hook before the sun started setting in behind the trees. It was time to call it a day.
    I hooked likely as many as I caught and lost a few nice fish that worked their way off on rocks and moss.

    Rookie mistake #3 - I did not re-tie after about 6 fish. Had one break off on the initial strip set that looked like a really nice fish as it began a personal interview/acrobatic performance for the Ringling Brothers circus trying to remove the now stuck stealth bomber.
    Went home tied up more Stealth Bombers and plan on getting out again soon.

    Thanks for sticking with me on this long post.
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