I have made a couple trips to the creek to see if the white bass are running. These have been my first of many trips wadding with the Tenkara rod. I had a new place to check out on Eagle Creek in Zionsville. It turns out to be nice area with some pools, riffles and runs that are holding small whites, suckers, carp, gills, and catfish. I found a spot to fish and got some small whites.

Then i found a few of his larger friends. These where the first fish I thought I may actually break the 5x tippet. Although they are not very large they put up a good fight.

The fishing was slow but fun. After a little break and some food, I hit the retention ponds for some gills and bass.

It is surprising how much fun the fight is with a bass and gill. You really do not know what you have on until you get them to the surface. The gills seem to put up more of a fight than the bass. I am sure the Amago can handle larger fish than what I have caught, which I hope to be able to land.

Mike P.