Hi Guys, had a trip with Epic charters skipper Toby over the weekend, he put a drill bit in to his hand the day before and was not supposed to get his dressing wet! Ha! fat chance of that. We had a blast as usual with great laughs and some very good fish. We got into some good Kingfish from the very first drop and it was full on from there. Once we were too tired to haul in any more Kings we had a go at the snapper and the Trevally on the bottom and hardly had a drop without hooking up almost instantly.
No fish caught with fly, but I did take my swf outfit just in case, the fish were too deep to get at with a fly.
If you want to catch kingfish you cant go past Epic.
Here are a couple of pics.
Paul with a Kingi

Me with a good one

And the best Snapper of the day

All the best.