Spot one.

Spots from spot one.

Spot two.

Spots from spot two.

Spot three.

Spots from spot three.

Spot four.

Spots from spot four.

Spot five.

The spots on the 18" rainbow that I caught at spot five quickly ended up back in the river after he wiggled free before I could take his pic.

There were several other spots caught in the spots above, and there were a couple other spots that gave up some spots.

When all was said and done, after five hours on a beautiful little river a warm spring day, had about twelve in hand out of sixteen hooked, mostly bows with the one cutt and a couple browns.

Saw the most prolific March Brown hatch I have seen anywhere, and one of the better mayfly hatches I have seen, period. But only one fish up. Thinking I need to have some nymphs, wets, and dries for that hatch the next time I head that way.