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Thread: 2012 KS Fish-In sign up and info thread

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    Default 2012 KS Fish-In sign up and info thread

    I figured that we'd better have a sign up thread now that we are getting close to the 2012 trip. Again, the dates are May 18-20. I'm tentatively planning on staying in a hotel, but many will be camping. There will be a fish fry on Saturday evening, and I will bring batter mix and a fryer. Everyone else is encouraged to bring something to share. If anyone has questions, feel free to ask on this thread, or PM me if you prefer.

    I am assuming that camping will be set up in the unit 24 field again like last 2 years ago, but I'll leave that call to those staying there. I think it might make a good rendezvous point in any case.

    Here is the current attendance list including arrival time, and where everyone is staying.

    1. ol' blue - local hotel - Friday PM
    2. little ol' blue - local hotel - Friday PM
    3. Jack - camping
    4. Trenton K - hotel
    5. tlerm - camping? - Friday
    6. Steveks - hotel
    7. Calcycle
    8. quivira kid - hotel - Friday
    9. Icemanxxxv - camping - Thursday
    10. Iceman nephew - camping
    11. SteveP
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