Ok I found the Fountain Head website link on your site Chris, but the 12 foot Stonefly 360 says it is sold out. I do like the price tag in comparison to the Iwana and Ayu. Where as I am just starting not sure if I want to fork over that much just yet even though they do seem to be more durable, and I have heard the people at Tenkara USA are really good to work with and answer any and all questions. Since I don't really want to spend the higher price right now and the 12 foot Stonefly 360 is sold out should I drop to an 11 or go up to a 13, or maybe a differant rod. I did see the Caddis on the Fountain Head site and the price for it, but is there somenting else around the same price range as the Stone 360? What is the biggest differance between the Stone 360 and the Caddis other than ofcourse the price?