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Thread: EVENINGS ALONG THE STREAM (part 4) - Eye of the guide - Apr 9, 2012

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    Default 4 pmd fly patterns

    In Part 4 of "Evening Along The Stream, there are four PMD Fly Patters by Tom Travis.
    • Parachute PMD Surface Emerger
    • CDC PMD Surface Emerger
    • PMD Foam Floating Nymph
    • Parachute PMD Nymph Emerger

    I have these four fly patterns in my Other FAOL Fly Patterns folder for the FAOL Fly Pattern CD that I offer to send at no cost to those who wish all of the Fly Tying Section Fly Patterns and those found else where on FAOL in the Feature Section. You can either request these four PMD fly patterns, or if you wish a FAOL Fly Pattern CD email your address and I will have a CD out to the next day.

    You can contact me at
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