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    There was a thread started on another forum recently by a guy who broke his rod and was seeking recommendations for a replacement. Given that the forum is hosted by a rod manufacturer, the only recommendations he could get were for that manufacturer's rods. They're not bad rods and the recommendations were reasonable. They were just incomplete. Several other rods might serve him well but he'll never hear about them there. [edited to add] I can't really fault the policy, after all, it is a commercial enterprise and maintaining a web site or forum is a sales tool (and is not free).

    Because this forum is not hosted by a manufacturer, a much more complete discussion of rods is possible. He was looking for a rod shorter than 13' 6" with an action that isn't too slow, and with which he could cast a 15' line. His primary target is panfish. Several rods immediately come to mind.

    For someone on a budget, the Fountainhead Stone Fly 360 and 390 (roughly 12' and 13') are worthy of consideration. For a bit more money, also carry 12' and 13' rods although I have not fished with them. Turning to Japanese rods, Shimano makes two nice 12' rods that are full flex but not soft, the LLS36NB and the LLS36NX. A little more upscale, Daiwa makes two rods that would serve his needs perfectly, the 12 foot LT36SF and the 13 foot LT39SF. Of the rods I've fished, I like the Daiwas the best.

    I just hope he reads this forum as well, or he will never know that he has so many choices.
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