Are there any diagrams or explainations of how to go about using the formulas. I get the peg positions and I can lay that out; however, I do not understand the number of turns around the pegs before going to the next peg, or which pegs to skip before going back. For example, are there any explainations like: start at Peg 0 and circle around peg 1 and back to the start - and do this 4 times, Then extend to peg at 49 inches and back to peg and 30 -- do this 3 times etc?????? A diagram would be better but I don't know where there is one. Anyone have any suggestions.

I like the formulas and know how to lay them out; however, if it is more than say what Kathy Scott shows, which is kind of simple to follow, I don't know how to make it work.