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Thread: STARTING OUT - Neil - Mar 26, 2012

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    Default STARTING OUT - Neil - Mar 26, 2012


    It's the end of March and across the country the signs of the pending summer are multiplying. This is the time of the year that would-be fly fishers begin to think that this might be the year to take up fly fishing. However, where does a person start out? I offer the following advice and hope that it helps ease someone into the wonderful world of fly fishing.

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    Well I have/am trying but I find that trying to learn to flyfish may come very near to giving me a stroke. Think I may give up the pursuit.

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    Never, never, never give up.

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    what makes you give up? Ask questions, go to local fly shops and seek out casting classes. Hook up with a mentor from a local FF Club, watch videos on you tube. There are many ways to get you over the hump and start with easy fish in still warm water ponds or lakes for bass, crappie and sunfish. Once you start catching fish, you will feel much differently. We all started off where you are, self taught like me or videos on youtube or being mentored. Just don't give up because you will miss out on the excitement of a whole new realm of fishing.

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    Well written! Thanks for the contribution. First-time poster here on FAOL, and I appreciated the article.

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