Seeing as it was suppose to be near 80 today in S/E MI me and a buddy got out on the big waters of Lake St Clair for a few hours. I managed to catch 4 on the fly and my buddy, who was casting hardware, managed to watch me catch 4 on the fly. First one was a lareg perch right out of the gate that took a blue over white clouser that i got from a guy at the Mid West Fly Fishing Show saying it was a smallie killer and that it was suppose to imitate a gobie. Never seeing a blue gobie before I tried it and will be trying throughout the season. The larger smallie came on a cone head bugger in brown that i tied the night before and he hit it with purpose nearly taking the rod out of my hands. The other 2 smaller smallies, that could pass for twins or the same fish, came on a cone head and a green bead head bugger. It was one of those days, looked promising but was a lot of work locating and finding fish. I lost several as well as my buddy and the bulk of the fish came in the last hour of fishing.

Regardless, great to be out.