Mr.JML -

I've been making my own furled leaders going on seven years and have used furled leaders made with various materials and in different lengths and configurations on a number of 3-7 wt graphite rods, a 5 wt bamboo rod, a 4-5 wt Hexagraph, and two different TenkaraUSA rods - the Ayu and the Iwana 12'. About the only time I am not fishing a homebrew furled leader is when fishing large stonefly nymphs ( single or in tandem ) under an indicator on my 5 and 7 wt rods.

My suggestion was intended to get some ideas and feedback for Brad, who doesn't fish Tenkara rods. I know what works on my Tenkara rods and don't see any particular advantage to either Brad or me by participating in the experiment, especially if I don't know the specs on the lines. Others on the Bulletin Board who make Tenkara lines for their own use or to sell would likely give Brad the benefit of their experience if they knew how these lines were being bult.

I certainly respect any reason(s) that Brad has for not posting the specs on these lines. Just as I am sure that Brad has respected the fact that I have posted the materials, lengths, configurations, and proportions on the various homebrew leaders and Tenkara lines that I have brought up for discussion over the past several years.