Its warming up here quicker than ive ever seen it before. Ive been out a half dozen times with so so results but it sure beats sitting at home. Went out two days ago to a small canal off LSC that has produced big in the past especially in early spring and managed at least 40 largemouth and 2 blugill but the water was still very cold, dirty and the fish were very lathargic taking a wooly bugger with no noticable strike, just toss it out there pull in fish. I magaged 3 nice LM but they were on the small side. Made it out again for an hour and managed 2 largemouth and 2 gills on a red wooly bugger. tonite they were more eager striking the bugger on the drop to the point the fly line would twitch. Couple more days and the bigger LM should move in behind the carp.