I have noticed alot of difficulty getting swaps going lately. I have also noticed a decline in the participation of the FOTW that was started by Byron. It's probably my imagination, but I think theres a common thread. The more specific the theme, the fewer the participants.

I dont own a hook smaller than 24 anymore, and I dont fish or tie Skwalas. I dont fish or tie classic streamers unless a Woolly Bugger is considered classic. This eliminaates me from all of these activities on FAOL. I am not complaining, just making an observation.

I dont have time for a swap right now, and I know that the FOTW will come around to something I do have interest in. In the mean time I will ignore the "size 00 Bucktails tyed with New Zealand Red Stag, that is fished on your favorite Spring Creek near Tijuana Mexico" themes.