I've been using a set of Cabela's Guide Tech breathables and I am very well pleased with them. Under $200 and quality surpasses the $300 Simms IMO. I had budgeted $350 for waders (already had boots) and looked at everything I could find in that price range. No contest, had to go with the Cabela's GT due to the availability of Tall sizing and price+features+quality=value. Had quite a bit of $$$ left over which made Mama happy.

NO waders which are lightweight will hold up to "briar busting" I don't care who's sticker is on them. I get heartily sick of hearing guides and "pro staff" people gush about how various waders can be abused and mistreated. I am quite certain anyone who works for their money and pays retail prices would not willingly/knowingly "bust" through thorns, brush and snags with $400+ waders.