Coulee Region TU ?CRTU? would like to invite all of Wisconsin TU to CRTU?s Driftless Area Pig Roast &amp; Fly Fishing Film Tour event which will be held Saturday, May 19th, 2012 at the Norskedalen Nature &amp; Heritage Center, outside of Coon Valley, WI, and in the Timber Coulee watershed. <A href="" target=_blank></A>.&nbsp; Everyone is welcome, including all TU members, their families, local Driftless Area landowners, DA DNR &amp; other professionals, along with anyone interested in coldwater conservancy.&nbsp; <BR><BR><BR>The preliminaries start with free fly-casting lessons, Driftless fishing hints &amp; suggestions from local guides, and general camaraderie between 3:30 - 5:30pm.&nbsp; Additionally, we plan to have presentations by the WI Department of Natural Resources and other stream professionals during the afternoon; we will post details on the CRTU site as we are closer to the event.&nbsp; Since we will be at the Norskedalen Nature &amp; Heritage Center this would be great time to explore their beautiful grounds.&nbsp; Norsekdalen really is a remarkable place and it would take far longer than a single afternoon to explore the Bekkum Homestead, Arboretum, Skumsrud Heritage Farm, the hiking trails, the visitor center, etc.&nbsp; Both Norskedalen and the Pig Roast &amp; Film Tour are very family friendly.&nbsp; Finally, Norskedalen is located in the Timber Coulee watershed and superb fishing opportunities will be all around us.<BR><BR><BR>The main event starts at 5:30pm when there will be a social hour with a cash bar featuring beer and wine in the Norskedalen shelter house.&nbsp; At 6:30pm the pig roast starts which will include 2 pigs!, along with whole roasted chickens. We will have all the fixings and great side dishes as well. And, there will be freshly baked Amish pies for dessert. Yumm! <BR><BR><BR>After dinner we will have presentations covering the Driftless Area stream improvement projects that have recently been completed and those that are planned for this year and 2013. TU chapters that are currently engaged in or have recently completed projects in the Driftless Area are invited to give a brief presentation of their Driftless Area efforts. Additionally, our 2011 Honoree, Dave Vetrano, will be introducing John "Duke" Welter as our 2012 Banquet Honoree. We will be honoring "Duke" Welter for his many years of Trout Unlimited leadership and cold water stewardship. Duke was recently honored by national TU with the prestigious and coveted Ray Mortensen Award.<BR><BR><BR>The Fly Fishing Film Tour begins at sundown. <A href="" target=_blank></A>&nbsp; We will be presenting the full Fly Fishing Film Tour presentation! <BR><BR><STRONG></STRONG>The third weekend in May is a glorious time to be in the Driftless Area. The fertile and lush countryside is alive with new vegetation and the bird song is incredible. Morel mushroom hunting should be at its best. The days will be warm and the evenings cool for great sleeping. For the non-angler in addition to exploring Norskedalen, trips to the&nbsp; Kickapoo Valley Reserve, Wildcat Mountain, Vernon Vineyard, the Amish areas, the palisades along the Mississippi, eagle and bird watching; and, exploring towns like Coon Valley, Westby &amp; Viroqua, make for both full and relaxing days. And, oh yeah, the fishing is absolutely fabulous at that time of year! Please consider making this weekend a group or chapter outing.&nbsp; <BR><BR><BR>Tickets to both the Pig Roast and Fly Fishing Film are only $25.00 per person and are available now.&nbsp; You may purchase your tickets by visiting the Driftless Angler Fly Shop in Viroqua, WI. <A href="" target=_blank></A> Checks made out to Coulee Region TU are welcome. You can also purchase your ticket in advance by mailing your check to Coulee Region TU, c/o Robert Hubbard, 483 Lark Lane, West Salem, WI&nbsp; 54669.&nbsp; <BR><BR><BR>For more information, including information about accommodations, guides, and Driftless Area information please visit <A href="" target=_blank></A> or email us at <A href="">2012@couleer</A><BR>