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Thread: RE-EVOLUTION OF FLY RODS - Bob Boese - Mar 12, 2012

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    Default RE-EVOLUTION OF FLY RODS - Bob Boese - Mar 12, 2012


    Sometimes fishing equipment is given up for dead.

    Men of good will hate war, but, like it or not, wartimes produce inventions like no other periods, because it's important for your side to have better things with which to bash in heads. Fiberglass is such a product. Made from individual glass fibers, combined with polymers, fiberglass comes in a variety of forms, resists burning, and will not decay, stretch or fade. Glass fibers are either continuous fibers, such as that used in textiles and rods, or discontinuous shorter fibers, such as that used in insulation.

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    I have two fiberglass fly rods, that are probably older than me (63), I love both of them for fly fishing....

    I also have a split-cane fly rod, that is probably older than the two fiberglass fly rods, I also love that fly rod...

    I also have two graphite fly rods, that are younger than the three fly rods already mentioned, I also love them....

    I also have ceramic/graphite fly rod, that is the my most favorite fly rod of all....."GOTTA GET A GATTI"! ~Parnelli
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    Bob, I'm sure that story about Dujon the accordion player has been told before but I've never heard it till now. After reading it I had to wait 10 minutes before continuing. Then I read it out loud to my wife and I had to wait another 10 minutes. Very funny sir. I'm one of those who were woo'ed away from fiberglass by the new fangled (expensive) graphite rods. I'm now one who prefers glass over graphite, but like Parnelli, enjoy all my rods. I just wish I had more glass these days. I'm not sure why that is, it just seems like it's time to relax.
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    nice article bob. but, if you know the name of a custom builder who can deliver me a rod for under $200, send it to me. from what i've seen, most custom rods from reputable builders start around $350 and go up from there. i think mcfarland's presentation rods are well over $500.

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    i will take that $200 rod too!
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    i am kind of new to this and i am sure i am putting this in the wrong place, but i just have to write about this!!!
    not to long ago someone commented about fly rod warrantees, and i had something to say about it because at that time i had an unresolved issue with thomas and thomas. alas i have only the highest praise for thomas and thomas rod makers, they stand behind thier products even further than they had to.
    about 3 years ago i sent my SL TRAVELER 8 wt back to the company because of broken parts, at first this issue was mishandled, i am not sure why but it was not taken seriously, anyway after an extended wait i was informed that my rod was not under warrantee and that the best offer they would do was give me a 40% discount on a new one. i was not very happy with this conclusion but i did not know what to do about it. after the comment i read on this site came out someone told me that i may have a legal issue because they never returned my rod. so, i contacted t&t again and this time i dealt with a manager, who was very courteous and professional he handled the matter very professionaly and lokked into the matter, we talked about the warrantee, which he said covered all the rods after 1988, i purchased my rod in 1996 so i wanted to know why my rod was not covered? apparently my rod had an extremely long shelf life, how many years the dealer had it who knows, anyway i am happy to say that today i recieved a package UPS from T&T containing a brand newHE100s-4 rod, very beautiful, this time T&T went out of thier way to please me, and i am sure that they went further than they had to, in my opinion T&T is a very honorable company, not only courteous and professional, but also compassionette...thax again T&T bobbyneuman

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