I tried this back in December but only a few expressed interest. Maybe there's more now that the season is close at hand and maybe people are more into tying right about now. Anyway, what do you say?

Anyone Interested?
This is not an announcement. I hosted a swap with this as a theme several years ago and I'm just wondering if anyone would be interested this time around.

'Teeny Tiny Fly Swap'
Flies must be tyed on a Mustad size 28, or a Tiemco 30 or 32. I'm not aware of any other manufacturer who makes that small of a hook but if so, by all means.
Flies must have at least 3 materials and parts. Just as an example: a comparadun or sparkle dun with 1)tail, 2)body, 3)wing.

If there's sufficient interest I'll post something about initiating the swap. Oh, if you post that you're interested that does not lock you in as commited to the swap. But please be realistic with any comment about your interest.

Oh, although it's a very small consideration, the expense for shipping is considerably less than other swaps. In fact, you can even package the flies so they can be mailed in a normal envelope!