These are for a Husband & Wife customer whom enjoy perch fishing. Both rods are made identical with the exception of the obvious "his&hers" marbling job I did on the split grips. To get the look of water on "his" rod I did a base of White paint, then marbled it normally with red. Then once dry I mixed up a batch of finish and added some light blue to it and recoated the entire section with the light blue so the red showed through as dark blue and the white as light blue. I feel it gives it a cool rippling water type look.

They are built on fly rods blanks and I cut the last 20" of the blank off and replaced it with a fiberglass section of an ice rod witch gives it extreme sensitivity for detecting even the lightest bite from a sneaky perch. Wraps are Royal Blue (no CP) with metallic blue trim, Pacific Bay graphite seats and Pacific Bay guides all make these some very light spin rods.