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Thread: 2012 Central Iowa Fly Fishing Reports

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    As most of you know, I keep a Fishing Log each year. I feel I'm probably done fishing for this year, so I went through my Log and crunched the numbers. Its a good way to wrap up this thread.

    I fished 166 days this year, 211 fishing trips. Final fish tally is 3,112, which exceeded my previous best year by 486 fish! I caught 2,846 of those on flyfishing gear, which I used 90% of the time. I landed 34 fish over 20" in Iowa. I visited 30 different bodies of water throughout the year, 8 of them were completely new to me.

    The full blogged breakdown statistics and summary is here, for those interested in reading more:
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    David Merical
    Ankeny, Iowa

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