Rowing is fine, if you like it. Everyone doesn't have to go through world-class rapids to fish. Unfortunately, where I live, I am stuck with it. There are few places to fish here that do not involve the risk of fast, dangerous water, and/or long hikes. Even wading can be dangerous around here if you don't pay attention. That's why they had the Olympic Whitewater Competitions here. It's also where they filmed the movie "Deliverance".

I loved rowing when I live on Lake Texoma. I had a really nice dinghy, with a rudder, sail mast, and the works. I rowed it most of the time. I just don't think you'd survive very long trying to row in the rivers and streams around here. There are few people who even try to use canoes (but there are some very insane people who do use rafts...which is simply an uncontrolled free-fall through the rapids, hoping you survive at the end...the main skill required is an ability to hang on very tight......).

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The oar system is the same as Water Master and Water Strider and no complaints there. I do have those oars. Have not tried them on a river, but I love them on stillwater. Light as heck and like a graphite gold club, has give to it and sking shots through the water using less effort. I can row all day with these.