Dear Board,

I already own two float tubes and a pontoon as well as two canoes but I am still in search of the perfect vessel for fly fishing local lakes and streams. Yes, I do realize just how ridiculous that sounds, but please read my post and try to help if you can. I'm only asking because the float tubes are pretty much summer time craft, the pontoon is not all that handy, and the canoes are both a handful to handle solo. I can get them all to and from the water OK but they, and the pontoon for that matter, pretty much require that I use my truck for transport if I'm fishing by myself. I'd like something I could carry in the trunk of my car.

On another message board I visit I stumbled upon this thing,

Has anyone seen one, used one, or have you seen or used something similar like a Sea Eagle?

I don't want a hard boat, kayak, canoe, or otherwise. I'd like an inflatable craft that will float me around in a leisurely manner. I'm a big enough fellow that pool toy type boats don't interest me, but I will not be rafting the Colorado River at flood stage so if you know of anything that might be worth looking at I'd appreciate a heads up.


Tim Murphy