On that note, okay you have just spent $700. (and up) on a tube. Two more purchases that make a perfect trip.
As I mentioned, I use an LVM pump. One of the included ends fits perfect in the Bravo and Halkey Valves
It will pump the boat up in minutes, BUT, you need to top it off by hand. That is where a K-Pump.
The K-Pump is single action, meaning it only pushes air on the down stroke (the 2 and up are double action), but that little blue cap on the end fits perfect in the Bravo and the Halkey valves. No hoses. Just press it to the valve and pump.

Finally, like a car runs better and smoother with all tires inflated the same, a pontoon will also. A gauge
I found out that my guessing equal air pressure in multi chambered pontoons was not all that accurate, plus I had no idea what 2 psi felt like.
The difference is not day and night, but it makes a difference.

Oh, and my X5 (framed model) has the Halkey and the Renegade, Escape, Assault and all the new frameless models have the Bravo.