After test-driving Clear Cure Goo there is no way I would do the dis-service of suggesting anyone but that junk!!!!!!!!!!!!! The syringe design is absurdly difficult to use, even for someone with large, uncompromised, strong hands. The needle constantly plugs and clearing it creates a mess.

There is no comparison between Clear Cure Goo and UV Knot Sense... I will take the Knot Sense every time. Of those that I have spoken to that personally used Clear Cure Goo they all thought it sucked compared when compared to Knot Sense. To be clear, the glue itself is just fine, it is the delivery system that sucks. The "Thin" is a joke because it is thicker than Knot Sense, though the thick is good for a lot of applications and better than Knot Sense in some small ways... But not enough to be worth fighting the syringe.

The instructions suggest removing the dispenser tip each time and that is probably a good idea, but I found the tube plugging between uses... and that was just minutes apart.

There was no difference in apparant curing rates between them other than the result of the light used.

I built a couple spoon flies and coated the backs on several scuds, used it as head cement, built saltwater bait fish flies, used it on Thunder Creeks, coated epoxy minnows, built epoxy coated bead flies, covered metal beads to create cool eggs on Egg-Sucking Leeches... and probably more.

And for the record I have absolutely no financial involvment with either company and no previous dealings of any kind to taint the matter.