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    A couple of flies using Pearsall Orange Fluo.

    Orange Clock

    Hook: #12 Dai-Riki125
    Silk: Orange Fluo Pearsall.
    Butt: Orange Fluo Silk.
    Body: Magenta Peacock herl. (2 herls)
    Hackle: March Brown Bramah Hen. (2 turns)

    Hot Orange Nymph.

    Hook: Veniard VH111 light nymph hook #12.
    Silk: Pearsall fluo orange.
    Tail: Three Pheasant tail.
    Rib: Bright yellow wire.
    Body: Rust Arg. hare.
    Thorax: Rust Arg. Hare.
    Hackle: Fiery brown Brahma cock.
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    Donald Nicolson (Scotland)

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