Decided to dye a little this evening... Got a pot of hot water working and stirred in the salt and dye as directed... Washed a natural guinea hen and a silver lace Andalusian skin as well as a half-dozen snowshoe feet.

Once the post was good and hot, but still well below boiling I dropped the goods in the bath. And I stirred for quite a while and kept the heat low... Then I let them soak for an hour longer than the directions suggested was needed.

Well, the guinea is completely falling apart and the first feather I pulled from the bath was an Andalusian and it looks badly burned, with curled fibers and a general "singed" look.

One rabbit foot hid in the washing suds and was added a bit after the rest, and it shows, even while wet.

Not liking my odds on this one...

Or as the Tee-shirt says;
Alaska Men, the odds are good... But the goods are odd!