My biggest problem with gill-netting, is that the same game and fish laws that make it a criminal act to either willfully or due to negligence, waste game meat does not apply. They can remove dead unwanted fish and toss them right back into the water. THAT in my mind is a disgusting and willfully unethical act. It should be required by law to maintain and consume EVERY fish killed in their net. I don't care if they sell it to a fertilizer plant.....manage what they take. If I shoot a grouse, skin it, and leave the edible carcass....its a crime. If I shoot a deer or bear and skin it or just take the antlers....its a crime. If you catch a chum salmon, milk the eggs and throw the carcass overboard, it is NOT a crime! It should be a fine and loss of your boat, commercial license and fishing equipment. And that goes for the tribes as well.