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Yes, I know. It is so easy to say (with chenille, hackle or anything else for that matter), "This is going on so nicely I'll just do a couple more wraps". Don't listen to that voice.
Dave Hughes showed a good idea for beadheads at the Midwest Show last year. He put 2 or 3 wraps of lead behind the beadhead to snug against the bead with the thread wraps holding the lead. The result is to remove the cavity behind the bead, so there is less movement of the bead after the fly is done, and also a better base for finishing the fly instead of trying to get the whip finish in behind the bead. And the extra weight doesn't hurt either.
This is how I do it too. The lead kinda bunches into the open area on the bead and snugs it all up.

Luke your buggers look great, nicely proportioned. And they will catch fish.