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    Default Big furled leader formulas by the creator....

    I just sent in 19 articles on tapered furled leader formulas to Deanna Travis and Ron Tidd.

    Each article has three furled leader formulas (I crunch numbers) and show all the mathematics is designing each of the leaders in each article. The 18 articles are divided into three group; by their taper (50%, 55 & 60%) Each group has 6 Loop Sequences.

    Each article shows all the mathematics involved in determining the peg locations for the three furled leader lengths calculated in each article.

    The formula's for peg positioning has a 10% increase of total length included in the calculations for the finished length of the furled leader to compensate for length lost in the furling process. Also include in each article is a graphic display of all segments of the three lengths, showing the parabolic nature of these furled leaders, that help transfer the energy, and limit the hinging effect of the segment connections between the 5 segments of the furled tapered leader,

    I have also included a graphic outline of the 3 section furled leader board that I am planning to build as soon as summer arrives to Minnesota. My current 16 foot two section furled leader board is so difficult to setup and even more difficult to store away when not in use....

    My Birthday Gift to Members of FAOL....~Parnelli
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