Some folks use one approach to furling, and others use different equipment, methods or techniques.

For example, many use Kathy Scott's method.

I use a very different approach taught by the furled leader guru of the Idaho Falls area at the time.

Regardless of his method, Kaboom uses dramatically different equipment than either Kathy's board or my jig.

I suspect that Jack Hise's approach is different than mine - it is commercial, if nothing else, whereas mine is very personal.

Karel has a foreign approach, for sure.

Steven and aged sage like to be more precise and have devoted a lot of time to a science of furling.

I think all of us have a couple things in common - fly angling with furled leaders and making available to others what we know about furling and how we go about it. Not that any approach is any better than any other approach, not that any method is any worse than any other method, not that any one's equipment preference is superior or inferior to some other equipment preference. Just different.

Once in a while some one interested in furling and sharing his / her ideas might use a word or phrase that rubs others the wrong way, at least some others.

So there might be a reaction. But the time comes to get over it and give it a rest - time for some tolerance.