Hi Guys, I went out last evening in a mates boat, we took fly rods only and hit all the marker bouys in the Rangitoto chanel looking for Kingfish.
I had a bad start, loosing a shooting head to one of the markers, but I had a spare so put that on.
We well and truly popped my Kingfish on fly cherry, I can't tell you how good these fish are. They are only small ones, but man can they pull! We both landed a few and lost a few, I got smashed by a fish that made it back to the bouy chain, I just could not stop it with a #9 Xi3 and it was no bigger than 70cm (28 inches)! Nick worked hard to set up the drifts and very generously gave me the first shot on the markers, at one point he said to me "you are about to get hit", and I hooked up before the word "hit" was out of his mouth!
Anyway we had a blast and I will post some pics later.
All the best.