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NC I'll see if I can answer a question you have not asked yet.

Thread Tension! It is just about impossible to wrap the guides and have them be in perfect alingnment so the wraps must be just loose enough to let you move the guides around with your thumb nails (There may be other ways to do it). There are also several ways to check guide alignment. A 4' shop light will reflect a straight line down the blank to help align them. Sighting down the blank at a white wall works for a final check.

What Midwest said about threads is true, waxed tying thread would be ugly after a coat of epoxy!!

For your first rod a contrasting color thread may be best to help you learn to wrap. Gold would look good on the blue blank. Whatever, just add it to the order.

Also, the kit will not contain Cork Sealer. A must to keep the grip looking good.
Thanks for the tips. I hadn't asked that one yet because I hadn't gotten past the, "What do I need to make this a reality" stage. Don't worry though, that would definitely have been a question that I was going to ask, but now I don't need to. So thanks in advance. Hook & Hackle has a wide array of threads to choose from, so that'll most likely be my next question to the group, 'Which to get?'.

Any tips on a cork sealer?