So, I have my eye on a rod building kit from Hook and Hackle, but have a few questions. The rod blank is blue and it comes with blue thread for wrapping the guides, hook keeper, etc. I don't know that I really want to use blue on blue. Is there any 'magic' to the type of thread to use? I have TONS of fly tying thread in assorted colors. Can one use fly tying thread, or is there a 'rod building' specific type that should be used?

My next question is about thread tension devices. I saw mentioned that a book could be used to accomplish this. How exactly does that work? I think I have a good idea how it MIGHT work, but would like a little clarification.

I did search for what tools one might need to build his/her own rod, and the results were pretty slim. So any suggestions as to what tools the beginning builder should get would also be greatly appreciated.