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    Karel is absolutely correct. The LOGIC is built in. Just plug the pertinent info into the shaded boxes and forget LOGIC; and your 'handy dandy' calculator. The computer, at the click of a mouse, will do it ALL for you. Remember, 'it ain't rocket science'; it is just taking advantage of a programmable computer---and a few mouse clicks to replace the 'handy dandy' little calculator. No muss; no fuss!

    REMEMBER---some Spreadsheets are INTERACTIVE---they are a programmed TOOL--and these are prime examples of such. Try them as they are designed to work, and you MIGHT like them!

    Provide your layout count, and the thread type, and one of us will do it for you to serve as a CHECK against what you get. How about the BFLF as Karel suggests? I highly recommend it, as I am sure Karel does.
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