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    Question Help!!

    I wanted simple 7' furled leader made from 2# test Berkley XL Monofiliment line. I like to test my furled leaders by hand casting them when finished. To my chagrin it would not turn over? No matter how hard I tried to fling it it just landed in a clump at my feet!! Alas, what was I to do?? Aha!! The Guru's of Furled Leaderdom have made "Spread Sheets" extoling the methods of makeing furled leaders for 10" Trout vs. 12" Trout and the same for Bass, Blue Gills, etc!! These "Spread Sheets" have been touted to be the answer to all the ills of furled leader making! They may even lift one up to heights unknown!
    Thanks to the Internet is was able to track down these "Spread Sheets"! I printed them out one by one, searching for the answer I had searched for hours and hours, the wall of my study was plastered wirh "Spread Sheets". Peg 2 is 16" from peg 1 and 9" from peg 4 did nothing to solve the proplem, no where did they tell me how to make this evil fuled leader turn over
    Must I revert to the inane usage of a calculator to solve my problem? No, I must use logic, which is not in "Spread Sheets"! Mathmatical calculations will not work either, only logic! My own mind addressing the problem and thinking it through.
    So I called on my experiance with Furled Leaders and deduced that it needed a heavier butt section (Oh lord was it that simple). Well it worked! That is the fun and rewards of making Furled Leaders. Don't drink the Kool Aid!
    Now what am I going to do with all these "Spread Sheets"?
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