This is for a customer that is involved with the CFR program so a couple times a year he buys a rod from me and has me do it up for a auction CFR holds. They are auctioning off the first rod I built a few months ago tonight, and now this is the 2nd one I just completed for him. Because he is involved with CFR he has permission to use the CFR logo.

Pink 8ft 3/4wt 4pc blank, pinkish'redish acrylic insert in nickle silver hardware, custom grip with exotic corks and pink trim added. Had rubberized ends, dark mix center, link accents, first burnt rings are 1/4" then 2nd burnt rings are 3/16".

SFG, marron (no CP) main with Scarlet (no CP) trim to tie the color combo together with the colors in the CFR logo.