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Thread: HIDEAWAY POND - Readers cast (Dick Taylor) - Jan 30, 2012

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    Default HIDEAWAY POND - Readers cast (Dick Taylor) - Jan 30, 2012


    Living just outside the Washington, D.C. Beltway wasn't exactly conducive to finding a fishing spot that afforded much privacy. However, a chance stop at a small gas/convenience store led to the discovery of what turned out to be a place of solitude and unbelievable quiet in an otherwise frenetic world.

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    Very enjoyable story, it carried me back to some farm ponds I used to frequent back in Mississippi. It also made me appreciate my access to a handful of lakes here in the suburbs of Atlanta where subdivisions have been built around them but the fishing remains very good. The farmers in overalls have been replaced by ladies doing yard work and dad's taking the kids to soccer games.
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    Great Story. Thanks for sharing.


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    All through my childhood me and my friends used to fish in a pond that had two levels, the lower level and up above a small dam was the upper level. We continued to fish it all through our childhoods. As I got older I moved away and got married and decided to take the kids to this place of peace and tranquility but, we could not get in. It had all been subdivided and privitised. Very disappointing and very heart breaking. Same goes for most of the coastline my dad used to take me for Stripers and Dove hunting. All gone and filled with condos and million dollar home. I guess that is the price for expanding. Thank god I still have my memories but, for how much longer. Hopefully, I have given my children some memories of their own.

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    I appreciate the story...great read and thanks for sharing.


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