I am fishing a three weight. A dropper rig. Wooly worm size 10 with a bead-headed nymph size 14 dropper. My leader is a 4X and my dropper is 5X.

I land a nice fat 22 inch brown on the dropper.

I go on to the next hole with the same rig and I am schooled by a HUGE fish I can't even see. It breaks off both flies so I don't know which one it hit.

I am going after this fish opening day this year.

Should I take my 5 weight this year? Should I only use one fly? Have any of you landed a HUGE trout on a dropper with 5X? Should I use a single fly with 3X leader?

Wooly worms are more of a fall fly? What would you use for a 26 inch plus brown in cold weather in small stream Wisconsin?