This fly is from a buddy of mine.
Used this fly many times and it is an absolute consistent producer for me.

Helga Might
(Brian M. Wiprud original pattern)
A key aspect is the coloration of black abdomen, olive thorax and brown head.
Hook: #6 Mustaad Streamer 38491
Tail: Root beer Krystal Flash and Brown or bar-dyed marabou.
Abdomen: Black polar chenille, palmered large black saddle feather
Thorax: Olive Polar Chenille.
Head: Brown chenille, medium to large lead eyes (unpainted.)
Thread: Brown or Olive
For a closer look at Brian's work, click on an photo to view a larger image.
1. Tie on lead eyes under the shank so hook point will ride up.
2. Tie in marabou tail, flanked each side by four strands of root beer Krystal Flash.
3. At base of marabou, tie in black saddle feather and black pearl braid. Wrap the braid forward to the eyes.
4. Palmer the saddle feather on top, but 1/8" short of the eyes. A glaze of Krazy Glue on the pearl braid will help keep the saddle feather durable during fishing.
5. Behind lead eyes, tie in brown chenille and olive polar chenille. Wrap thorax in Olive chenille.
6. Wrap head/eyes in brown chenille, tie off and you're done.