I appreciate this is a(n) (inter)national website with no regional divisions.
So rather than tying up this site/thread I am asking to be sent to other websites, or flyshops, or accommodations, for the NW corner of the Adirondacks near Old Forge, or Pennsylvania near the Susquehannock State Forest, where I can ask my questions and get guidance. Both places are about 6 hours from Toronto and should have good trout fishing. I can camp or stay in a hotel/motel/lodge.
I have looked at Pennsylvania Fly Fishing and NewEnglandFishing, but both boards seem a little slow. I will continue there, but maybe there are better sources.

I have travelled to other well known areas in other years, and find that really far away fields are not always greener. However north of Toronto is mostly bass and walleye territory (which I do plenty), so for the best geography and rivers I think I need to come south.

Thanks in advance,