I liked the article. As for the qoute at the end, I don't remember number 7, but I do remember number 1. I remember the first trout on the fly, I'll bet Jack does to, he was there, but I remember my first fish ever. A little bream at the bridge where my Granddad lived. I was so excited and I wanted to keep it. I was abour 6 or 7 and I was goign to keep that fish forever. My Daddy asked me if I wanted to turn it lose, so that my little brother would have a chance to catch it, he would have been about 1 or 2 at the time. I don't remember telling Daddy this, but he remembers it. when the fish wiggled loose out of my little hands into the creek I told Daddy, "that was the best part!" I still like the way the fish feels when it wiggles loose and sllips out of my grasp. I don't know if fish have souls like the qoute mentioned, but it sure does something good to my soul to see it slip loose. I suppose some thinks that's crazy but that's ok, I'll go off up a little stream where there aren't any people and be crazy by myself if I need to.

thanks for sharing,