Hi you guys and gals.

Here is the scenario.
  • Small river, 3-8 meters wide.
  • Runs slowly.
  • Often very calm weather and you can see the bottom.
  • The river is not deep, from 1 feet to maybe 7 feet in the deeper canals.
  • The banks are high, sometimes it's lika a V with the river at the bottom.
  • You can hardly wade in the river because of the deep canals.
  • You need to walk beside the river at least 1 meter from the river bank, so you are higher than the river.
  • Often when I walk beside the river to some fishing spot up river I see the V from fleeing trout and I also see the trout running.
  • There are very few high trees along the bank and very few about a man hight.
Some say you can only fish the river with a dry fly, upstream when it's windy and the surface of the river is stirred up.
Sorry I don't have a picture!

How should I fish this, Tenkara maybe?
Give me your ideas.