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Thread: Superabundance of fly lines: A rant

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    If it were up to me I would seldom use much more than an "ought", a five or a ten weight rod with a level line or a shooting head system...(notice SELDOM). However, rest assured, there is plenty crap to sort thru to get to those items in the FF quiver around here. Add to that that the GF is still new enough at FF'ing to have to experiment and be facinated by most of the newest and greatest. Let us just say that I am often catching heII for not waiting at the PU (which is needed to carry ALL of the junk) while she assembles the latest and greatest.....time's a'wasteing, let's git to the water....NOW.
    ....lee s.
    PS - Just now she wanted to load MORE stuff for a non-fishing trip......just in case. the PU (my quiver) we carry an ought,a three, a four, a six, a nine, and a ten weight and varoius lines to toss with each. And she asks, "can we BOTH fish any situation?" I am sorta in trouble again as my reply started out with "well, if'n we can't........"
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