Hi guys, well after the worst summer weather in a long time i have given up waiting for the rivers to be nice and instead yesterday went for a walk along Meola Reef in the upper Waitamata harbour. I have ben playing with swf for a while but have never realy given it a serious go. I met a friend out there and he showed me the area and the chanels and holes and also very graciuosly let me fish along side him.
Well what can I say, I forgot to take a camera! Matt manged about 5 or 6 snapper up to about 18 inches and I managed my first ever salt fly snapper at about 12 inches, then another a little bigger plus a couple of small kahawhai. All in all a great afternoon fishing from the oyster covered reef in 25 knots of howling wind and only casting to water about knee deep. I have to say it was an absolute blast! So much so that I am planning to head back there today after work.
My wife rekons I am mad as I already have a cold, but hey how can fishing ever make anything worse?
All the best.