Monies tight but I don't think the guy posted these Mustad hooks in the right place, but I'm not complaining!!!!!!!!!! The BOSS is kinda not really happy, but didn't say no when I asked if I could buy them - so I did it quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then to try and sooth the Dragon I went to Capt Hooks and showed her the 3906B - they only had size 4 - what a 1000 would cost, the jaw dropped and she was "You're kidding"!!!! She's alot better with it but I'm still gonna have alot of sucking up to do!!!!!!!!!!

Mustad Classic Hooks

3906 Size 12 - 2 1000 count bulk box's
3906B Size 10 - 2 1000 count bulk box's

I'm still smiling about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!