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Thread: GASP REFLEX FLY FISHING - Readers cast (Bob Houf) - Jan 02, 2012

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    Default GASP REFLEX FLY FISHING - Readers cast (Bob Houf) - Jan 02, 2012


    I retired in January of this year and with my newly available spare time I have taken up fly-fishing after years of sporadic efforts to learn the sport. My father initially taught me how to cast in the mid-1970's and other than a few opportunities to catch bass in Alabama and a few Rainbow trout in the Arizona high-country I haven't had much experience fly-fishing. So this year I have spent time trout fishing with both of our sons, my oldest brother and my son-in-law across the country. As you can imagine, I have a very understanding wife (of almost 40 years now).

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    Another great article....

    I fully understand the point of your article...and what you are sharing with everyone.

    Cold Weather Injures, can suck away your life, in a very short amount of time....

    While being a "Training Range Safety Officer" in the military service, I had many encounters with soldiers in the field being effected with Heat Injuries or Cold Weather Injures. "Heat Injures" happen when a person is expose to high temperatures, "Cold Weather Injuries" can happen when the temperature is 60 degrees F.

    Heat Injuries and Cold Weather Injuries are the same condition, only difference is the temperature that it happens at...

    Speaking from experience, I have suffered from both extremes, and only by my knowledge & training, I knew how to address the problem that I facing!

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    Another great read. Thanks for the insights and experiences you have shared with us. Put that in the "Good-to-Know" file.

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